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Check out my first in a series "Love LA" video:

"Analysis Fatigue" and "Analysis Paralysis"

I have a client who “has been thinking of relocating here” for at least 2 years. We have looked at properties for him and his family many times.... Read More

It Just Makes More Sense to Own

There are many good reasons to own a home... Read More

Why Some Home-Buyers Never Buy

One of the obstacles to people finding a place to buy is their thinking that properties are still obtainable at 2012 prices, and that REO’s, Short Sales, and Foreclosures still exist... Read More

I’m Puzzled...

Over the last week I have spoken on the phone with 3 different “could be clients”, each inquiring about a particular property they were interested in. Each of them wanted to speak only with the listing agent, and so when I told them I was not the listing agent for each of those properties, they each said “thank you” and hung up...Read More

Why Americans Really Buy Homes

For more than half of Americans, the main reason to buy a home is simply because they want a place to call their own, according to the “Homebuyer Insight Report” recently released by Bank of America... Read More

The real estate market is definitely in full swing!

More and more listings are coming on the market, and they are selling very quickly (if priced right). Our historically low inventory levels, though improved, seem to be here to stay, however, because homes are selling quickly. That is driving prices up, yet not at the levels seen years ago... Read More

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