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Sometimes renovations can be all depends on your taste and the need (or want !)....This homeowner had a small but persistent leak due to a construction imperfection on 2 adjoining walls at the roof level.  After a couple of years, being a couple of blocks from the beach, together with wanting to make design and cosmetic improvements, they decided to not just fix the walls as needed, but take the opportunity to remodel and, lift the house to current code and so eliminate the need for flood insurance, which is very expensive in the area where the house is.  Now they're about to finish all and are much happier and feel safer from area flooding.  It all depends....



Often these days, buyers want to change things in an existing home when they purchase it.  It can be tough to do if you have to live in the property while you change things.  But it's not impossible to do, and it is definitely worth it in the end to "make it your own" and make you happier.  Here are some of the most common problems, but good planning, can make for a much smoother process:





Some Reasons Why Home Buyers Should Have Realtor Representation:

--Access to the entire TRUE marketplace of available properties

--Market, general, and local community information and recent important statistics

--Financing Assistance and Direction

--Property Selection and Verification of TRUE value

--Offer Preparation and Negotiation 

--Property Condition Evaluation

--Verification of Miscellaneous Property Considerations

--Escrow and Closing Process Coordination

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