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Manhattan Beach Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at

anhattan Beach is my favorite beach in LA.  And I check out the surfline cam before hitting the beach to get a good view of the beach before I head out.  I put it here as a an extra tid-bit glance into the beach--enjoy!

Solar Power is becoming more and more popular and also more and more cost-effective in Southern California.
Always compare prices, get different estimates, check references, and deal with reputable companies.  One local company offering different products is SoCal Skylights and Solar.  A link to their website is below:

Regular Power Companies in Los Angeles are LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) with contact :

Southern California Edison:

And the Southern California Gas Company:


You live in CA and you need an app to tell you that you're on an earthquake zone?!?!  How funny...!:

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