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From the CAR:
"When pricing your house, a listing agent has your back in a way an online property listing site just can’t. A REALTOR®t: Has real world experience in your community. Knows the nuances of your neighborhood’s micro-market. Can expertly assess how your home compares to similar ones recently sold in your area. Can tour your property to determine, inside and out, where your house fits in the real estate landscape. A website will do none of the above. A REALTOR® will, yes, consider online market data to help you set the price of your home. But he or she will also rely on first-hand knowledge about your home’s unique perks (and quirks), as well as about the neighborhood, to better inform you of your listing price."

The real estate market is definitely in full swing!

It's Spring, and the real estate market is definitely exciting.  More listings are coming on the market, and they are selling very quickly (if priced right). Our historically low inventory levels, though improved, seem to be here to stay, however, because homes are selling quickly. That is driving prices up, yet not at the levels seen a few years ago. I’d expect most of the year’s price appreciation to occur in the next few months, and prices should level off in late summer, as they did last year. Interest rates are at the lowest levels in three years, which are close to the lowest rates in decades.  The Feds keep postponing a rate hike, which is good for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers benefit because they can afford more home for their dollar.  Sellers benefit because there is a bigger pool of buyers to bid on their home.

If you are thinking of buying additional properties, buy now! If you are not buying, you should! If you are thinking of selling, you should do it now!  If you haven’t been thinking of selling, you should!, you should!  

5/16/18--Recent Statistics Study from the CA



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