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"My Presentation to Home Sellers"-- a short example of what services I will provide for you when you list your home for sale with me and my company:

My Presentation to Home Sellers--(If You Prefer to View directly on Youtube):

From the CAR:

"When pricing your house, a listing agent has your back in a way an online property listing site just can’t. A REALTOR®t: Has real world experience in your community. Knows the nuances of your neighborhood’s micro-market. Can expertly assess how your home compares to similar ones recently sold in your area. Can tour your property to determine, inside and out, where your house fits in the real estate landscape. A website will do none of the above. A REALTOR® will, yes, consider online market data to help you set the price of your home. But he or she will also rely on first-hand knowledge about your home’s unique perks (and quirks), as well as about the neighborhood, to better inform you of your listing price."

Good things to keep in mind when selling....:

How I Will Market Your Listing

When you list your home for sale with me, we will discuss all the following possibilities:


Your home will be advertised every week until sold in the #1 print media – the Sun LA Times, in our two or four page Rodeo section of the Real Estate insert.

Your home may be featured on the #1 website in the world for Million dollar + properties:  

Your home may be featured in the European MLS Service (Prestige) and translated into Mandarin and featured in the Asian MLS Service Caimeiju.

Your home will be syndicated to every major site on the internet.

Your home will be featured on the Rodeo Realty website,

A “Just Listed” postcard will be sent to all your neighbors.

An email flyer will be sent to over 8,000 agents on the Westside, Valley, and Ventura County, announcing the listing, and repeated regularly.

A website ( will be created and hosted, with links to every major social networking site. This website will also be posted on Rodeo’s YouTube channel.

The prestigious Rodeo Realty sign will be placed in front of your home, a brand recognized around the world, and synonymous with success, wealth, and “the best”.

And more.  Please
contact me for more details on how I will market your home for sale:  
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